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Return & Exchange

Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with any product you have ordered from us. At, we offer a simple and friendly return policy for the products shipped within India. We do not provide any returns or exchange for International orders as of now.

In case of damages or defects

  1. Customer may send the delivered product if found to have ’defect during delivery’. Return for ‘defect during delivery’ is to assist customers for genuine fault and shall not be misrepresented. Condition for ‘defects during delivery’ are that the jewel should be authentically have wears, manufacturing defects, missing stones, cracks on the stones and the jewel should be brand new or unused. In such a case it has to be reported to as ‘defect during delivery’, on the delivered day itself. If the jewel delivered to you is different from what was ordered you shall return it unused.
  2. Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore reserves every right in determining if the product delivered is a ‘defect during delivery’. If the customer tampered the jewel on purpose either to look for or not to look for any financial benefits, legal action will be taken under all applicable laws for cheating, theft forgery etc., and damage caused to the company. Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore shall take legal actions against such customer and shall also penalize by not refunding the paid amount and the jewel. User, be aware that Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore maintains every record, visual as well as legal, about the product that is shipped. Care should be taken while returning through courier. The product should be returned in unchanged condition as delivered by Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore along with the attached product tag sent (with the product tag untampered).
  3. In case the damage is beyond repair, a fresh piece will be made and will be delivered in 40-50 days. Any change in weight has to be borne by the customer. If the final weight is less, then it will be compensated with either gold or silver coins. Refund is not possible under any circumstances. 

7-Day Return Policy

In case, the customer is not satisfied with the product after receiving they can return the product within 7 days from the delivered date. Return policy is subjected to the following conditions

  1. The product should be returned back in same condition as delivered by Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore along with the attached product tag un-tampered.
  2. Product showing sign of wear due to usage or engraved, altered, resized or damaged may not be eligible for return and may be sent back to the customer.
  3. Products that are designed based on Customer’s specification or customized jewels cannot be returned back.
  4. Once the return is confirmed at the call center, ‘Jewellery to be returned’ must be properly packed as per the delivered condition/logistic requirements.
  5. Jewellery invoice and certificate if any provided by Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore must be sent along with the ‘Jewellery to be returned’ while returning. Else return process is considered invalid.
  6. Whilst refunding for the returned jewellery, shipping charges, processing fees and bank transaction charges shall be deducted and the remaining amount shall be credited to the bank account through the same payment mode which was used by the customer while purchasing.
  7. It is assumed that users are aware about the Jewellery, its usage and ways to handle before purchasing. Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore shall not be responsible for any wear or damage through the way jeweller was used or handled. Return or refund or exchange of such products of such a case shall not be entertained by Sumangali Jewellers, Coimbatore.
  8. Return policy is not applicable for orders shipped to outside India. If the customer insists on the order to be refunded, the shipping charges, the re-import charges and the customs clearance charges will be borne by the customer. The order cannot be canceled under any circumstance once the product is given to the logistics company. Also, the value of the jewels will be valued as per the day of import or the order whichever less is. 
  9. Please feel free to call us on +91-422-2396296 between 10.00am – 7.00pm IST; Monday to Saturday, or mail us at We will be happy to help you.

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